Peggy Sue

Somewhere in an unknown town, lived a girl named Peggy Sue, bouncing around from clubs to bars looking for a man to do. Only twenty-two, she been climbing up and down stripper poles since the illegal age of fifth teen. She had no father figure, just sugar daddies, a few baby fathers and stacks of loot. But all the money in the world couldn’t make her happy. Not the mollies or the alcohol was enough to numb her pain. She was a mirage of unspoken beauty. Some say she spread STD’s. She was an angel in disguise who had no clue of her strength. The girls hated her. The guys just used her for one thing. They bragged about how she could take more than five dicks in a train, which was absolutely true. She didn’t do it for the money. That just paid the bills, and clothed and fed her kids. She did it because she felt empty inside. She had no friends, but she knew celebrities, business men, drug dealers and gang bangers. She never knew her kin and never finished school, because she had to work and buy pampers for us two.

Then her daughters reached puberty and asked her, “Why we have to go to school Mommy, can we just stay home and get money from niggas with you.” She didn’t know what to say. I don’t what this life for my babies, she thought in her head. There’s got to be another way. I can’t tell them what I do for money. “No babies go to school, so you could get a good job and make it on your own.” That night she drank less, observing her surroundings with a sober mind, trying to imagine her daughters on that pole. “I can’t do this anymore!” she yelled out loud. She figured she had enough in the bank to take a break and ran out. She stayed out the bars for awhile, but still called her sugar daddies from time to time. She tried to go to school, but it was too difficult. She applied at fast food restaurants, but never got a response. By the time her kids were old enough to live without her, she killed herself. R.I.P. Peggy Sue also known as Mommy.


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