Aquill Mae

Aquill Mae
10 hours ago ·
Fresh out the bullpen
First time locked up in N.Y.
For two warrants,
time served. I’m hungry
Stinking and miss my bae
He told me they was watching us
Guess I had to test the water

At least my warrants cleared..

Aquill Mae
Feb 27 at 8:59pm ·
Running three days without a shower
Worn and spoiled, only 2days sober
Restless and tired, but my eyes wont lemme sleep
Too anxious to wake up tomorrow, too spoiled to settle with less

Dayum brain, why can’t you stop thinking about a blunt
Shutup, lemme sleep
Give me a sweet dream like the warmth of a lover’s kiss
Or a hug from my mom

I barely got any sleep last night, my body is worn out
And my brains overloaded. It’s way past my bedtime and it ain’t even nine yet


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