Monthly Archives: October 2014

Lovers Rock

“Somewhere in my sadness I know I will not fall apart completely” Lovers Rock, Sade


a year later

So it’s been a year since I moved to N.Y. I been through Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx
Got married, divorced, found a new boo a week later and broke up with him this morning
Among all the other troubles in my life this year has been a ride I hope I soon forget
I can’t think of anything worth remembering
A couple of times I almost lost my mind
I almost lost hope, some days I didn’t want to go on lost in depression and confused with anxiety
Then I realized the pain is inside
I can still hold my head high and smile
My faith is still strong, my health is excellent, and I’m full of love no matter how much it hurts
I’m glad that I only got a sneak peak of HELL and didn’t fall all the way in