Backwards 2015



Where Am I Going

Feels like I’m going backwards

Something’s got a hold of me

In a new place with the same feelings

When I’m hurt I go back to who and what I know

The same people who have been there for years

That shouldn’t be a bad thing

I been trying to change for years

Still feel the same

In and out of many relationships

Still love the same man

Am I going backwards?

Is it just me?

I should have the same friends

Love the same man

Always be me

What do I want to change?

My productivity and status in society

The people I love have nothing to do with that

I got my associates and assholes

Accepted in a four year University

Been living on my own for years

Hold my own

Pay for my own consequences

Celebrate my accomplishments

Seem to be going somewhere

Just not getting there fast enough

I’m on a treadmill running in the same spot

Trying to hold on to everything I got

While the world turn upside down

And spin backwards


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