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“News at 12”

“News at 12”

When it’s my time to go
There’s no way around it
When I can’t sleep at night I find other things to do
When the world seems to be ending
I smile and say it’s just the beginning

People can be so cruel
The news can have one-sided views
The strangest things on Earth
Don’t seem so strange
When the common things
Are out of this world

I may be a loony tune
In and out of jails and institutions
They can bill my Medicaid everyday
They need the medicine more than I do
All I want is an education
And the money to pay for it

Years of therapy taught me much I didn’t know
Relationships built around trust developed
Letting my secrets go
To the care of a professional
Gave me courage to step outside my comfort
And examine new options that saved my life

Coming out of a hostile environment
It’s hard to tell the difference
Between your enemies and friends
You even isolate yourself from kin
And hide yourself from you