Monthly Archives: December 2015


When your stuck in grief of a loved one

What respect can you give them for life

Why stay trapped in that prison of despair

Where is your faith

How can you complete your puzzle

Life is more than a simple riddle

It’s as complex as my racing thoughts

In the infancy of my recovery

It’s hard to believe all of this is real

I know we all have problems, but

I wonder how many of us can solve them


Anxiety Gives Me Something to Write About

Racing thoughts never slow me down

Even in my sleep, I actively dream

Kicking, swinging, screaming to escape

At times I even wake up wet

Not even trying to imagine how


One hour, Two hours

Three hours, now five

Eyes getting low, it’s 3am

But I wanna do push-ups

So, instead I pulled out my notebook


Writing helps me see inside my mind

After I scratch this out

Add that, and

Move words around

I just created a new page


Impulsive, Narcissistic, Co-dependent

Grouchy, Annoyed, yet


If I had all the answers

I’d be a doctor


Anxiety gives me something to write about

While waiting for the sun to rise

I slip into unconsciousness

Awake before reaching the third stage of sleep

Tired as ever, and it’s only Monday morning