Anxiety Gives Me Something to Write About

Racing thoughts never slow me down

Even in my sleep, I actively dream

Kicking, swinging, screaming to escape

At times I even wake up wet

Not even trying to imagine how


One hour, Two hours

Three hours, now five

Eyes getting low, it’s 3am

But I wanna do push-ups

So, instead I pulled out my notebook


Writing helps me see inside my mind

After I scratch this out

Add that, and

Move words around

I just created a new page


Impulsive, Narcissistic, Co-dependent

Grouchy, Annoyed, yet


If I had all the answers

I’d be a doctor


Anxiety gives me something to write about

While waiting for the sun to rise

I slip into unconsciousness

Awake before reaching the third stage of sleep

Tired as ever, and it’s only Monday morning


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