Monthly Archives: June 2016

Managing the Unmanageable

A million tongues couldn’t describe
These tears pouring from my heart
Still walking around looking at the ground
So no one will see the fear in my eyes
Managing the unmanageable
After a psychotic manic distressing depressive episode
Hurting the feelings of those dearest to my heart
With confusion, mistrust, misdirected anger, and lust
I put my body at risk, my relationships in jeopardy
Sabotaging every bit of love I can think of
Instead of caring for those who care for me
I put it all at risk; and begged Satan to take me out of here
Instead; God saw fit for me to get the help I need
Placing me in the care of professionals who are competent when I’m not
Even the strongest people have weak moments
The loveliest people can be beautiful and ugly at the same time
Underneath the insanity, the appealing character and funny jokes
There’s a sense of darkness where reality peaks
Enticing the perfectionist to create a fix where nothing is broke

May 23, 2016



In the midst of a terrible storm

So many tears drown our hearts

One man took the lives of so many

As nature’s retaliation continue to burn

The strong hearts put fear to the side

And handle business as should

Educated in disaster for a disaster


I been through more than enough

For thirty-five years in the making

Everyday a new man is born inside of me

I’m not making this up

It’s simple biology of human reproduction


T h V nKy Ou

Thank you

God been so good to me
Shining light on me in these dark streets, not knowing where I’m going, but I get there

Angels fly around me and carry me home when I’m too high. Adults build homes with bricks, children throw them. Anything can be used as a weapon. The most powerful one is the mind…