Gangsta Music, Evolution of

Oct. 24, 2017
Gangsta Rap, Evolution of

A real nigga has ways of knowing everything about you before he even speaks. Never underestimate the
genius of a man that survived the dangerous streets. Through gangs, street wars, drugs, money, and
treacherous women, loyalty and unity still strives through the unseen struggles of the common black
man. Plagued by oppression, the opposition turn tables when the drugs hit too close to home and rural
white kids start disappearing. While Caucasian kids turn against their racist parents to experience black

What is black culture? Is it hip-hop, rap, illuminati, or Islam? Could it be original and still re-create itself every year? Is modern black culture anything like it used to be? One thing that seems evident is the rhythm and movement of the people. The music, fun, food, and language share common characteristics,
very different, distinct and unique variations across the globe, as well as in the timeline of human history.

Music uplifted the slaves in hard times, built religions, and kept the peace in mischievous night clubs. Artists survive through hell just to lay a track, be heard, or even get paid. Poor reggae, jazz and even country artists out of black communities were heard across the globe, bringing knowledge to the horrors of being born with African descent in American states and Caribbean islands. Black music was copied and even stolen but never could be duplicated.

Today, artists from Rhythm and Blues and Christian backgrounds are praising gangsta rap trends and have created hip-hop. Rappers are singing and singers are rapping now. America wanted to ban rap, as well as any other form of free speech that uplift ex-slaves, even Islam. Islam was the Africans religion before they were sold and beaten into Christianity. Echoes of native tongues still prevail and can be heard in our songs.

The original culture of the black man is definitely connected to music, dance, and magic. That will always prevail, whether the artist come from an urban community, Jewish mass, gang set or wealthy family. Common interest in sound will continue to merge and grow into modern culture where colors hold no bounds.

Gangsta rap has been promoted, manipulated and even corrupted by corporate Americans who don’t
even acknowledge who these artists are they affect. Prisons are full of black men and white men trying to live up to the lavish lifestyles of the artists on TV. The streets are filled with real criminals who by pass the law in a successful life of crime. News reporters call gang activity terrorism. At the same time communities become rich in multiple ways, good and bad like the terrorists.

The gangsta mentality has been around since Peter Pan, robbing Paul to pay Robert watching over the lost children. The mother figure that made sure all the homeless prostitutes ate, and didn’t get killed and the father figure not afraid to use an illegal gun to protect children that are not even his. The respect and loyalty not seen in a crowd of unruly youths don’t even go to the original gangstas, it goes to the youth, our future believe it or not. Turning away from the youth will only make it harder for you to understand their lyrics. The only way to effectively communicate with your audience is to meet them where they are.