HUman Biology

April 17, 2016

We study human biology every day. That’s how we determine statistics’ that we use to manipulate politics. We add, subtract, and multiply these numbers every day, causing an inconsistent inaccurate account of people’s lives that are impossible to measure. People are losing their lives, homes, and being pushed down the poverty line, while the cost of living won’t go up. This gentrification is causing havoc in communities that were already established after surviving slavery, depression, repression, and oppression.

Income segregated gentrification is the problem. While still progressing to save our meshed culture that makes us unique, the youth are killing each other instead of growing old and learning how to live successful lives. They’re just going back and forth to jail.. What are they learning in prison? How to hate each other, beat each other up, kill, cheat, ignore rules, and pay the consequences. This is what our institutional system is teaching us to teach our kids and we do it like, yessa massa. (S I G H)

We’re not guilty for what we were not taught, nor parents. We don’t have to feel bad or apologize for it. We have to stand up and teach our youth what we have learned, so they can teach us what they’re learning and we can learn together. We have to listen to them and they have to listen to us.

The world is a mental and physical gym where we exercise our power to be great and excel regardless of income, or status. This is a place where late comers are applauded for showing up, not punished for being late. This is a place where the depressing chain of development is broken, washed out, and linked backed together. This is a place where miracles happen every day.

In the modern world, there’s always something new. To clean the streets we’ll need more than a handful of guys from prison sweeping the sidewalk. We need our men to be educated, not paddled. Children need an open channel of communication to reach their parents, and vice versa. Taken them far away from home to be raped, beaten, and swept in the closet is clearly not healthy to our environment.

To understand harm reduction you must first learn the difference between a drug problem and a behavioral problem, the inequalities in healthcare, and have sensitivity. Picture all of these hard life struggles weighing down a confused young child. Harm reduction is a new study that proves to be more successful than endless cycles of relapse, rehabilitation, hospital bills, fines, and bail.

People really are increasing their income by increasing their power, and those are the people you see every day slowly transitioning from welfare to work, going back to school after dropping out at a young age, just getting out of prison, or just trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Seeking a healthy diet is harm reduction. A healthy diet is what you need to live. Harm reduction is human biology.